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Cupid – The Angel Of Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day conjures up photos of romance – a dozen roses, dinner by candlelight, a heart-shaped field of candies. One can scarcely consider the vacation although, with out pondering of Cupid along with his bow and quiver of arrows, poised to strike romance into unsuspecting hearts. Angel lore says that for those who're suffering from this playful cherub's arrow (usually depicted with a tip within the type of a coronary heart) you'll immediately fall in love with the subsequent individual you see.

Cupid was a well-liked topic on the Victorian's extravagantly embellished valentines, and remains to be a lot in demand on immediately's present Hallmark playing cards. It appears that evidently there are enduring themes surrounding this beloved vacation. There are playful playing cards from faculty days relying closely on puns to get their message throughout, equivalent to a dutch boy and lady with the caption, " Wood shoe by my Valentine?" There are playing cards with a light-weight contact, equivalent to a cute animal couple proven in quite a lot of conditions accompanied by a breezy verse. Then there are the all-out romantic playing cards with hearts and lacy thrives, usually displaying the Angel of the Hour himself, Cupid.

He's normally depicted as a cherubic determine with smallish wings and curly golden hair. Typically he's wearing a wisp of sashing, or his leg could also be strategically positioned to cover his intercourse. There's no mistaking his id; nonetheless, as a result of he at all times has his bow and arrows with him! If he doesn’t, then the cardboard is illustrated with a cherub, however not Cupid.

Cupid has his origins in Roman mythology because the god of affection and intercourse. Although there are various accounts of who his mother and father have been, it's typically believed that his mom was Venus. He's sometimes portrayed as a mischievous sprite with a humorousness in relation to making romantic matches. Ought to you end up in an unofficial romance this Valentine's Day – or are sitting on the sidelines ready for like to strike – consider Cupid!

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