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Mary Magdalene, Queen of Heaven

Coming to Earth on a mission from God, the Queen of Heaven has endured because the creation of the Universe with the intention to convey the kids again dwelling. She was the Almighty’s first born, lengthy earlier than all others got here to be. To ensure that her to have an equal in energy to rule alongside, the Lord created her excellent mate, the King of Heaven Immanuel. Collectively they oversee and convey ahead God’s Plan to assemble these kicked out of Heaven through the revolt, and return them to their origin on Judgment Day.

Her lifetimes are notable and noble. From Prophetess Miriam, Princess Jephia, and Queen Mariamne she led the individuals by way of the harshest of life circumstances, whereas overcoming each assault the depraved spirits threw her manner.

Mary Magdalene’s actual title was Mariamne Arria, inheritor to the throne of Israel. She used all of her assets with the intention to assist her husband Immanuel along with his mission. Her household title was hidden in time, however the reality is she was of royal blood, inheritor to the throne of Israel, and a righteous chief. She wrote the books of Revelation and the Gospel attributed to the Apostle John. In actuality, there was no Apostle named John.

Books and Treatises Mary wrote:

Three Types of the First Thought (Trimorphic Protennoia), Authoritative Instructing, Hierarchy of the Archons, Gospel of Mary, Exegenesis of the Soul, On the Origin of the World, Pistis Sophia, Gospel of John, Epistles of John, Revelation, Secret E-book (Apocryphon) of John.

Excerpts proving Mary the Apostle –

v Gospel of Mary 10.1-Eight; 17.7-18.20

Peter mentioned to Mary Magdalene, “Sister, we all know that the Savior liked you greater than the remainder of us. Inform us the phrases of the Savior which you bear in mind, which you understand however we don’t, nor have we heard them.”

Mary tells them many issues Immanuel shared along with her about non secular matters.

However Peter will get mad and says, “Did he actually communicate with out our information with a girl and never brazenly? Are we to show about and hearken to her? Did he want her to us?”

Then Mary wept and mentioned to Peter, “Brother Peter, what do you suppose? Do you suppose that I’ve thought this up myself, or that I’m mendacity concerning the Savior?”

Levi Matthew interrupts and says, “Peter, you have got all the time been scorching tempered. Now I see you contending towards her such as you do to the adversaries. If the Savior made her worthy, who’re you to reject her? The Savior actually is aware of her with out faltering. That’s the reason he liked her greater than us.”

v The Gospel of Philip refers to Immanuel and Mariamne: “The companion (spouse) of the Savior is Mary Magdalene. He liked her greater than all of the disciples and used to kiss her typically on the mouth. Among the disciples have been offended by it and expressed disapproval. They mentioned to him, “Why do you’re keen on her greater than all of us?” The Savior answered and mentioned to them “Why do I not love you want her? When a blind man and one who sees are each collectively in darkness, they’re no totally different from each other. When the sunshine comes then he who sees will see the sunshine, and he who’s blind will stay in darkness.”

v Within the Pistis Sophia, Immanuel (Jesus) says, “Mary, you blessed one, who I’ll excellent in all mysteries, of these of the peak, communicate in openness, you whose coronary heart is raised to the Kingdom of Heaven greater than all of your brothers.”

v The Acts of Philip consult with Mariamne: The Acts of Philip (which describes the apostle Philip because the brother of “Mariamne” or “Mariamme”) that Mariamene, or Mariamne, was the precise title of Mary Magdalene. Mary/Mariam was a standard title in 1st century Israel, nonetheless, not all Marys or Mariams would go by the title Mariamne, a named reserved for the royal household.

The Mariamne of the Acts of Philip is a part of the apostolic staff with Philip and Bartholomew; she teaches and baptizes. To start with, her religion is stronger than Philip’s religion. This portrayal of Mariamne suits very properly with the portrayal of Mary of Magdala within the Manichean Psalms, the Gospel of Mary, and Pistis Sophia.

v In Romans 16:6, the Apostle Paul thanks Mariam “who has accomplished a lot for us.”

Legends say that in Italy Mary Magdalene visited the Emperor Tiberius (who was a relative) and instructed him about Christ’s crucifixion and resurrection. She held up an egg on the eating desk and mentioned, “Christ has risen!” Tiberius responded that nobody may rise from the useless anymore than the egg she held may flip purple. The egg turned purple. Tiberius was satisfied and by her urging, eliminated Pilate from Jerusalem to Gaul the place he later suffered a horrible sickness and painful loss of life.

Traditions in France say that Mary, Lazarus, Philip and James arrived on a rudderless boat with a small little one. That they had been expelled from Israel and placed on the boat to die at sea, however got here safely to the shore in France the place they established Christian communities throughout the nation. Lazarus and Philip have been her brothers and James was Immanuel’s brother additionally referred to as Joseph of Arimathea. She carried out miraculous healings, baptisms, aided in fertility and childbearing (midwife), taught concerning the mysteries of Heaven, and raised the useless. The key custom of her therapeutic arts exists at this time in France and its roots could be traced again to Mary Magdalene.

Mary had all the time been related to God’s daughter named Knowledge, represented by the Moon, Solar and a halo of stars. The attributes of Knowledge, the Queen of Heaven have been described in depth by Solomon in his guide referred to as Knowledge.

In later days the male clergy gave credit score for the work of Mary Magdalene to Immanuel’s mom, additionally named Mary. His mom was certainly an awesome lady, however she was not the Queen of Heaven. This was accomplished at a time when the leaders of the brand new “church” have been all males and wouldn’t settle for the teachings from Mary Magdalene as a result of they didn’t need robust ladies leaders amongst their ranks. So of their excessive selfishness they outright lied and exaggerated concerning the Magdalene with the intention to match their evil scheme. She was not the prostitute within the story of Luke, in actuality the clergy mixed the story concerning the prostitute with a narrative about Mary washing Immanuel’s toes with the intention to take away from her honorable lifetime.

Many inconsistencies are apparent when a examine is manufactured from the scriptures that talk of her lifetime. The “Beloved Disciple” was added into the textual content to interchange Mary’s title in a number of locations. A few of these examples embrace:

v Gospel of John 13:23-26 “The disciple whom Jesus liked.” She is sitting with Immanuel through the Final Supper and has her head on his chest when Peter asks her to ask Immanuel for the id of his betrayer.

v John 19:25-27 The Beloved Disciple is on the foot of the cross together with the mom of Immanuel, and different ladies together with Mary Magdalene. Immanuel tells the Beloved Disciple to care for his mom. This disciple took his mom into her dwelling. This passage provides “Beloved Disciple” alongside Magdalene with the intention to infer one other individual’s presence.

v John 20:1-11 Peter and the disciple whom Jesus liked run to the empty tomb after being instructed by Magdalene that his physique was lacking. Mary was the primary to see Christ had risen. She went again to inform the opposite disciples like Immanuel instructed her to do, then ran again with Peter to indicate him the excellent news.

v John 21:7 A number of disciples are out fishing after Christ’s resurrection. The Beloved Disciple is the primary to note that the person talking with them was Immanuel.

v John 18:15-16 After the arrest of Immanuel, “the opposite disciple (Mary)” is allowed to enter the courtyard of the excessive priest with him. This was as a result of she was his spouse and her father was Herod’s son Aristobolus, she was recognized by the Romans and the monks as one of many royal family.

This brings us to her household tree. Mary’s actual title was Mariamne Arria, she was of direct line from Queen Alexandra Salome. Her grandfather was King Herod “the Nice.” Her mother and father have been Bernice and Aristobulus IV, the eldest son of Herod the Nice and his royal Hasmonean spouse Queen Mariamne I. After Aristobulus IV’s recall to Jerusalem from schooling in Rome, he married Bernice, daughter of Herod’s sister Salome and second husband Costobarus. King Herod executed Aristobulus IV in 7 BCE on the age of 24 leaving 5 youngsters Josephus refers to as “infants”, one in all his youngsters was Mary Magdalene. “Aristobulus IV had Herod Chalcis, Herod Agrippa, and Aristobulus V, his sons, and Herodias and Mariamne, his daughters, all by Bernice, Salome’s daughter.” Josephus, Jewish Wars, E-book I 28:1

Her father Aristobulus was murdered by his father Herod in 6 BC, when Mariamne was lower than one 12 months outdated. She was born the identical 12 months as Immanuel in 6 BC, the 12 months of “the Bloodbath of the Innocents” in Bethlehem, recorded in Matthew 2:16. Herod took in Aristobulus’ youngsters which included Mariamne to lift as his personal as a result of his conscience bothered him. He prayed that these youngsters would turn out to be the rulers of Israel after his loss of life. Little did he know that she would go towards him and his deliberate marriages for her, and marry Immanuel as a substitute.

Mary and Immanuel have been equals, the King and Queen of Heaven got here to assist mankind return to Heaven. The reality concerning the couple was hidden deeply within the vaults of the Vatican as a result of the boys in energy couldn’t afford robust ladies of their ranks. They knew that with the intention to discredit Magdalene they must lie and provides her credit to somebody near Immanuel, so that they selected his mom, additionally named Mary.

Immanuel and Mariamne had a daughter, named Sarah in Hebrew and in Latin her title was Mariamne Caerina Arria. Sarah married into the Emperor’s line of the Roman Empire.

Connection to the Holy Spirit world is the bridge that Immanuel got here to construct along with his lifetime on Earth. Collectively Immanuel and Mariamne laid the muse for true Christianity. After he was crucified he went down into Hell and defeated the demons on their very own turf, then opened up the gates so those that wished to may go away their place of torment. As much as that time in historical past, no bridge had been constructed for the repentant to cross. Immanuel and the Nice Military beat down the oppressors and constructed the bridge. It then grew to become a matter of free will for many who so select to cross out of their captors dungeons. This was Immanuel’s mission. Whereas Mariamne stayed behind to hold out the ministry of the Holy Spirits, supporting the bridge with a powerful basis on Earth. A staff effort. God’s Son and Daughter got here collectively in that lifetime 2000 years in the past to meet the Plan of Salvation.

The Daughter of God, Queen of Heaven has incarnated because the starting of time with the intention to convey dwelling the kids. It has been her responsibility life after life to stay among the many individuals, slowly bringing them to an understanding with the help of the Almighty to what the aim of life really is. Her settlement was to work among the many fallen as much as Judgment Day, at which era all will stand earlier than the Judgment Council to assessment their lifetimes.

All through historical past she has made a number of appearances. A couple of have been as Astarte/Ashtoreth the Queen of Heaven to whom the Canaanites and Israelites had burned incense and poured libations. Shekina the Hebrew Goddess of the Kabbala. Ishtar the Nice Mom, the goddess of fertility and the Queen of Heaven. Diana was referred to as the Mom goddess and Queen of Heaven.

However sadly they started to make choices to her as a substitute of God their Creator. As seen in Jeremiah 7:17-19 “See not what they do within the cities of Judah and within the streets of Jerusalem? The kids collect wooden, and the fathers kindle the fireplace, and the ladies knead their dough, to make desserts to the Queen of Heaven, and to pour out drink choices unto different gods, that they might provoke me to anger. Do they provoke me to anger? says the LORD: do they not provoke themselves to the confusion of their very own faces? Subsequently thus says the Lord GOD; Behold, mine anger and my fury shall be poured out upon this place, upon man, and upon beast, and upon the bushes of the sphere, and upon the fruit of the bottom; and it shall burn, and shall not be quenched.”

Good King Solomon prayed for Knowledge, as a result of he knew that she was God’s first born Daughter and she or he would all the time information him on the appropriate path to Father God. That is the start of magical knowledge; Knowledge makes use of good magic, the way in which God creates. Solomon acknowledged his sister Princess Jephia to be Knowledge incarnate.

v Knowledge of Solomon Eight

1) Knowledge reaches mightily from one finish of the earth to the opposite, and she or he orders all issues properly.

2) I liked her and sought her from my youth, and I desired to take her for my bride, and I grew to become enamored of her magnificence.

three) She glorifies her noble delivery by dwelling with God, and the Lord of all loves her.

four) For she is an provoke within the information of God, and an affiliate in His works.

21) However I perceived that I might not possess knowledge until God gave her to me — and it was a mark of perception to know whose reward she was — so I appealed to the Lord and besought him, and with my entire coronary heart I mentioned:

v Knowledge of Solomon 9

“O God of my fathers and Lord of mercy, Who hast made all issues by Your phrase,

2) and by Your knowledge has shaped man, to have dominion over the creatures You’ve made,

three) and rule the world in holiness and righteousness, and pronounce judgment in uprightness of soul,

four) give me the knowledge that sits by Your throne, and don’t reject me from amongst Your servants.

5) For I’m Your servant, the son of Your servant, a person who’s weak and short-lived, with little understanding of judgment and legal guidelines;

6) for even when one is ideal among the many sons of males, but with out the knowledge that comes from thee he might be thought to be nothing.

Slowly the reminiscence of her was hidden, so that when once more the individuals may return to the true worship of the One God. For really there isn’t any one better than He. Mankind has tried to make choices to different spirits, however in actuality it is just right to worship the Creator, Almighty God. He has many names all through historical past, however He’s the one One to whom sacrifices, prayers and choices needs to be devoted.

Shekina will return and stroll the Temple in Jerusalem. Proper earlier than Immanuel returns with the Nice Military to wipe out the depraved and renew the Covenant with the righteous. Miracles and renewal will show the Mahdi is Shekina, the Nice Mom returned to information her youngsters House.

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