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Top 5 Valentines Day Ideas for Him in 2018

Valentine’s Day is around the corner and here are Top 5 Valentines Day Ideas for Him in 2018.

This first project is a simple day chart that was inspired by a gift that my boyfriend gave to me I’m going to recreate it for you and this is the perfect gift you want your relationship to be more spontaneous.

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you’re going to need a talk last jar popsicle stick and some pens start by running now Fundy ideas and I listed a few of my favorites on the side once you’re done with your date sticks put them in the jar you can add a little love letter a poem and roll up the paper to make a scroll for a special touch.

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Spray the inside of the jar with your perfume or cologne so your significant other will instantly think

of you when they open this up my boyfriend did this for me and has deep my jar and I was pleasantly surprised to label the gift you can use a blackboard sticker or print a picture of a heart and cut it out go ahead and write on your label.

And then take that to your jar you can tie a pretty ribbon around the lid or use some decorative tape and you’re done.

When you and your partner aboard of the usual date then you two can spice things up by picking out a random date thick flowers and chocolate are very popular for Valentine’s Day and here’s a unique way to combine the two together.

This Ferrero Rocher flower bouquet looks really pretty and I think your friends or sweetheart would love to receive it the main things you’re going to need are Ferrero Rocher candies fake flowers bamboo skewers and tissue paper.

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Start by cutting out a flower design and swear shape cut your tissue paper into squares as well and line them up with your flower paper then just cut along the lines to transfer over the flower design.

Next you’re going to gently insert your skewer into your candy by slowly twisting it in one direction these sticks are pretty long so I’m going to snap a part of it off to shorten the length repeat this for a few more candies after that’s done you’re going to make a small hole in the center of your flower so you can poke your stick through it and you should have a beautiful candy flower.

Now I’m doing it in this particular way so it will be easy for my Valentine to take off the candy and enjoy it if you want your Ferrero Rocher to be more secure to your stem then you should saran wrap it before pulling the papers through.

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If you have floral tape you can use that to wrap around the stem but I couldn’t find any so I’m using this green decorative tape instead remove the fake flowers individually and arrange them with your candy flowers to form a flower bouquet tie your bouquet with a rubber band and then pull everything together with a ribbon.

This is a beautiful handmade gift that your Valentine would appreciate

The next gift is a cute jar full of stars and I’m sure that will make that special someone smile.

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You’re going to need a charge a ribbon and start folding paper strips to make the origami stars you would create a ribbon shape at the top and pull the extra paper into the hole to create a Pentagon from there fold the remaining paper diagonally up and down around the Pentagon.

And then tuck in the loop ends use your nails to pinch the size of the Pentagon to create the corners for the stars and you’re done these origami stars are super quick and easy and you can totally multi-tap this while watching TV.

Once you have your stars put them in your jar you can make this more personalized by writing a note on your star paper before folding it up it could be reasons why you left the person you’re giving this to or some great memories that you two share it together to make the falling star.

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You would tape a threat to a corner of the star and take the other end to the it’s tie a ribbon around a jar and you’re finished to the such a cute Valentine’s Day gift to make to the person who’s special to your heart whether that is your partner or you.

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