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Valentine’s Day – A Romantic Peak or a Commercial Basement?

Yearly there’s a surge in romantic curiosity as February, the Month of Hearts, approaches, and the scent of Valentine’s Day begins to waft within the air. With regards to actuality, although, how a lot of that surge is genuinely about romance? Is it not all a industrial train designed to rake within the income?

I don’t suppose anybody can argue that industrial pursuits contribute vastly to the publicity that surrounds Valentine’s Day. You see it in all places from Christmas onwards; the Valentine’s playing cards, the Valentine’s candies with their coronary heart formed packing containers and photos of roses, plus in fact all of the commercials for the roses themselves and the way it’s essential to ebook early for that Valentine night meal.

The industrial facet of Valentine’s can seem so overwhelming you might be persuaded to consider that it’s nothing to do with love and romance in any respect, however purely about earning profits; that the hearts and the roses are nothing greater than synthetic symbols of a romantic world that not exists.

With a lot of Western society having a hardened veneer, the place beneath relationships collapse with a puff of wind, and divorce is sort of constructed into marriage, anybody will be forgiven for taking such a cynical view. Nevertheless, dismissing the entire Valentine Day expertise as nothing however industrial is much too simplistic, and to take action is to disclaim oneself a far richer expertise: that of real romance and love.

Any industrial enterprise solely succeeds if there’s a demand, and Valentine’s Day has been a industrial success for a few years. Earlier than then, the Valentine’s custom itself had advanced over many centuries, lengthy earlier than commerce grew to become the obvious driving drive behind it. So the place has the fashionable demand come from for an occasion similar to Valentine’s Day?

Love, attraction, obsession, and romance are as outdated because the hills, and are integral to the human structure. Whereas many fashionable individuals might declare that they like to be alone and don’t want anybody else, don’t want love and romance of their lives, in the event that they have been really trustworthy with themselves they might say one thing very totally different. It’s not “macho” to publicly want love, affection and romance, so many disguise from their very own fact, that they in all probability yearn for the love of one other as a lot as essentially the most overtly romantic.

Others, although, mirror as a lot need for romantic love as any man or lady over the centuries, and it’s deeply pure to take action. They mirror these needs as they go looking for romantic fiction, love poems and real love tales by the million. In the event that they do have love of their lives as Valentine’s Day comes round, then they’re nicely ready to benefit from it; to indulge within the romantic picture with their very own twist of actuality and need.

Love and romance haven’t died and can by no means die. Some might shrink back in worry of the ache of a failed or a tragic romance; however others dive in head first, not fearful that their love will grow to be as tragic as Romeo and Juliet [http://www.romeo-and-juliet-valentines.com/Shakespeare_Romeo_and_Juliet.htm]. Such individuals present the by no means ending demand for a Valentine’s Day that transcends the industrial and explores all the brilliant and darkish corridors of romance. In different phrases, expertise life to the total, and danger the ache and heartache to realize the ecstasy.

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